証し ー C-BTEに取り組んで  

Ariel Geronimo ゲロニモ アリエール 

I was baptized in MJCC in 2004 after 38 years of trying to grow in faith relying in my own effort. My understanding of the Gospel when I was still a Catholic has to be unlearned and I needed to start to live a faith according to grace and being filled by the Holy Spirit, forgetting about self-righteousness, self-reliance and self-help. Suddenly growing in faith becomes full reliance on God. For so many years I tried to understand and practice that concept of full reliance on God basically on my own but my auto-pilot most of the time would direct me to controlling my own conditions and situations. While it was already clear to me I need to get rid of my own self-will and control, my effort fails most of the time. Though there was a little change I was still the temperamental, fast-phased and relying on my own wisdom to deal with many problems. I was trying to be a good Christian without the perspective of growing in faith as a member of the Church and without the intention of strengthening the church, only as an individual Christian.


The CBTE study was first an eye-opener for me leading me to a vital realization that I can not grow spiritually apart from the church, which is the genuine body of Christ.  God will work  on our faith deeper when we are  directly attached to the church and function as its member. Then secondly, the more I become involved in in it, it allows me to commit myself to the challenges it presents especially in the area of defeating sin and having a mindset of joyful thanksgiving.


The CBTE approach is both systematic theology and practical theology, but most importantly it is biblical theology. It encompasses the structural discussions of the church, as well as it’s functional characteristics and offer a very well-defined missional targets. No doubt the effect to the students are staggering when it comes to personal decision to the ministry in the family and the church. In my case, I was able to hone my skills for value transferences to my children. With all the foundational principles learned from all the 13 books in 3 series(14 including Teaching the First Principle), I was equipped with a spiritual eyes to see more clearly how I am performing as a husband, father, child and as a social individual. The discussion and fundamentals in the order in the family, the society and church has a big impact on my own theology and lifestyle. Though not yet still crystal clear, I gradually began to see myself whether I function according to this order and the will of God. I still have my temperaments and irritations but I’m starting to get used to the “air breaks” from the Holy Spirit.


I will recommend CBTE study to anyone who is serious in living a Christian life, and strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to do serious internal or external ministry in the Church. I know now that there is no personal ministry in deeper essence, there is only the ministry of Christ. And I thank God that God through the CBTE study has been training me to submit myself to His ministry.

真剣にクリスチャン生活をしている全ての方、特に、教会内外の伝道の働きに真剣に取り組みたいと思われている方に、このC-BTEを学ばれることをお勧めします。今の私には、一番の本質にあるのは個人の働きではなく、 唯、キリストのなさる働きだと分かるようになりました。そして神がC-BTEの学びを通して神の働きに私を捧げる訓練をしてくださっていることを感謝しています。

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